Homeniuk Rides Inc. specializes in Family oriented midway style amusements. For your event we can provide top quality amusement rides such as the Scrambler, and midway style concessions that offer such things as Candy Floss and Balloon Games. We have a wide range of amusements that will delight the whole family. In fact, Kiddie Rides are our specialty.

In many situations we operate our midway in cooperation with a local community organization. Our presence draws a large number of families to the event and provides the sponsors with an incremental gain in attendance and revenue. The event will be a success for all concerned, sponsors and customers alike.

We are a professional organization that will provide you a complete turnkey operation that includes equipment, delivery, set up, dismantling and operation. We keep a daily inspection checklist for all equipment operating on site whether owned by Homeniuk Rides Inc. or sub contracted to Homeniuk Rides Inc.

In fact, our President, Randy Homeniuk, is a “Certified Ride Inspector” and a member of the Advisory Board for the “Canadian Safety Standards Association”. As a leading member of the amusements business community Randy has over 30 years of experience managing and operating amusement rides. He was also the 1999 President of the Showman’s League of America Canadian Chapter. There is only one thing more important to Randy than entertaining the families that attend his shows and that is their safety.

All our operations are fully insured and references are available upon request.

Homeniuk Rides Inc., a Canadian owned business with 30+ year’s experience, looks forward to the opportunity to work with you and your organization to create a successful festive event.

Please feel free to browse thru our site to learn more about Homeniuk Rides and how we can be of service to you and your community.

You can contact Randy Homeniuk directly at 519 897 2185.

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